Fracking is linked to radiation. Almost all fracking activity creates radioactive waste. Whether it is the liquid pumped back up or the waste from the drilling, radioactivity is present in most cases. Depending on the radiation level of the area drilled, the wastes can be quite dangerous to be exposed to. Much fracking waste is disposed in special landfills due to high radiation levels. However, radioactivity levels in the air near fracking sites is not controlled.

A study reviewing thousands of EPA records showed the extent of the problem. Researchers found higher levels of radiation as far away as 12 miles from fracking operations. These levels in some cases increased radiation over 7% higher than natural levels. When levels were measured close to the drilling sites they were much higher. Radiation is carried in airborne particles that are inhaled by residents and absorbed by their bodies. From there the radioactive elements attack organs and other body systems.

There already is a growing awareness of the danger from radioactive fracking waste. The additional danger of exposure to airborne radiation only creates added concern to tighten up the lax regulations the industry has been under for years.