Hazardous Waste Landfill Hiding In Plain Sight

Hazardous waste dumped into a landfill on a company’s property for years has been discovered. In West Virginia, a landfill operated by Union Carbide dumped toxic waste on their property. Nearby properties have been contaminated with arsenic, barium, cadmium and other wastes all used at the chemical company. Union Carbide now owned by Dow Chemical is denying they are the source of the pollution. The chemical company is fighting in court to not have to spend a cent to clean up the hazardous waste. How is it possible the company can deny their responsible for the waste disposed on their property for years?

There will be a lengthy battle in court as the landowners nearby and the waterways the chemicals are leaking into continue to be potentially toxic to people, animals and the environment. The landfill had been constructed and used prior to regulations controlling the disposal of hazardous waste. The company is claiming because of that reason they are not responsible to clean it up. There have been levels of toxic chemicals found at over 150 times the standard set for safe exposure levels.

Neighborhoods nearby may be at risk due to the underground flow of the leaking chemicals. Plumes of hazardous wastes could be penetrating into homes by vapor intrusion from below. People have possibly been exposed to these for years without knowing. Residents are now wondering if health issues over the years are related to hazardous waste exposure caused by the landfill.