We have spent years working with groups trying to stop a proposed project.  Looking at the facts show the project is dangerous and hazardous. The majority of dangerous proposed projects are quietly snuck in the back door in communities. Project developers and politicians do not like conflict. Attempting to slide a project past the public and quickly approve them is standard operation procedure.

It happened again in the ongoing saga of the Stericycle medical waste incinerator. Stericycle was finally pushed out of North Salt Lake City where it made the environment dangerous and unbearable for thousands of citizens. The company tried to open another facility but was quickly shot down by local opposition. An attempt in North Las Vegas also met disaster. Opponents showing facts that the company had a terrible record convinced local politicians it was not acceptable And dangerous.

Unfortunately Stericycle found a rural county in northern Nevada they were able to quickly and quietly ram the project through with the help of the county commissioners. One of the commissioners recused himself from the approval vote due to selling the incinerator people the property. The incinerator hearing was held quickly and quietly with few people ever knowing about the hearing. It seems the good old boys only needed to notify people within 300 feet of the waste incinerator. These incinerators emit toxic chemicals that travel thousands of feet away but those people apparently do not count.

It does appear local opposition may be building and what the commissioners tried to get away with may yet be halted. The bottom line is you always need to keep an eye on the politicians and monitor meetings and their upcoming agendas to avoid waking up next to a hazardous and dangerous industrial operation.